Sen. John Kerry denied having been contacted by Haitian lawmakers

Senator John Kerry (D) of Massachusetts

MOISE JEAN-CHARLES is a dishonest character having no business to be in Haitian politics. In my opinion, his dishonesty is disgraceful. He is someone who, by his actions, is making the world laugh at all of us Haitians. I think anyone supporting or standing behind this character in his foolishness is just as dishonest and disgraceful as he is.

All last week, he and others from his group of clowns in the Haitian legislature were making a lot of noise with a statement that wanted to make believe that they have contacted Senators John Kerry (D) of Massachusetts, the chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, and Dick Lugar (R) of Indiana, the ranking member of this same committee, to probe the citizenship of President Martelly.

According to Jeune Haiti Magazine, a Boston-based online magazine, Senator John Kerry has never talked to any of these guys. When Haitian and American pro-Martelly activists flooded his office with phone calls and emails, he issued this OFFICIAL statement: “We have not received any request from Haitian legislators relative to an inquiry on the double nationality of the Haitian president. If they make that request, I will remind them that Haiti is a sovereign nation, and the United States Senate has no jurisdiction on Haiti affairs.” Instead, he hopes to see Haitians come together as one and stop all this bickering to “focus their effort on reconstruction and job creation to ameliorate the social and economic conditions of the Haitian people.”

Senator Kerry has strongly supported President Martelly for his vision and unequivocal political will to turn things around for the people of Haiti. In a statement issued hours after the president had made public his energy program for the country, the Massachusetts senator stated: “President Martelly has done so much in a few months, there is finally hope for Haiti […] It is irresponsible for any Haitian elected official to consider any policy aimed at destabilizing the efforts of a democratically elected leader who focuses on the amelioration of the life condition of the Haitian people.”

This is exactly what happens when you have a bunch of unpatriotic, dishonest and ill-advised individuals  taking decisions on behalf of a country as economically disfavored and sick as Haiti. We have got to break ties with this culture of political foolishness, stupidity and mediocrity having brought these guys in politics. We have enough of them wasting the people’s time in nothingness and demagoguery only for the sake of destabilizing the country. The time will come when honest, respectable and politically sane Haitians can get deeply involved in politics to uproot these fools taking the country hostage since 1986 as far back I can recall.