After Putin of Russia, the ‪‎Lavalas‬ extremists will soon call Al Qaeda or ISIS to the rescue


A group of Lavalas extremists called on Russian President Putin for help (Photo credit: Associated Press)

Thousands of Lavalas radicals took the streets in protest yesterday to demand the resignation of President Martelly, Haiti’s democratically elected president, and Prime Minister Lamothe.

They accused the United States of backing the martelly administration and called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to invade the country and remove for them President Martelly out of power.

Some of the protesters were holding posters of President Putin that read: “Vladimir Putin, Please Help Us!” Anyone with a little bit of diplomatic savviness in them in this country would tell you that such a call has gone too far. From a geopolitical perspective, this is the most ludicrous and unthinkable move ever, and a desperate one at that.

What has happened to the notion of international interference they have been saying they are so against? What has happened to the Dessalinian philosophy or ideal they have been advocating for?

Dessalines, whose name they often invoke each time it is convenient to them, would never call on a foreign nation to invade his country and thereby soil its sovereignty for the sole purpose of making his will prevail. One thing we know of Dessalines is that he was not a traitor, and he despised treason with a passion.

What seems to be a dichotomy to me is the fact that they say they are against the interference of the international community in the country’s internal affairs, yet they are the ones calling Russia to the rescue. What kind of a twist of principle is that? Russia is no longer part of the international community? I guess not, since for this moron –Moise Jean-Charles, one of the leaders of the Lavalas extremists –Great Britain is not a member state of the United Nations.

If today they could call on President Putin to come bail them out, let us not be surprised if tomorrow they call on their Al Qaeda and ISIS comrades to come get Martelly out of the country.

It is clear that these Lavalas extremists are now jeopardizing the future of the country. Since they finally come to the realization that the election of President Martelly, someone with no political feuille de route, is a systematic rejection by the people of their archaic, retrograde, terroristic and dictatorial ways, they rather mess it all up for everyone; hence the cockroach syndrome.

I don’t think these people have the intellectual capacity to measure the level of seriousness of the situation in which they plunge the nation. They love to indulge in demagoguery politics for political expediency irregardless the negative drawbacks that may have on the nation as a whole.

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